The Science Behind The Serpent

The Serpent earns its reputation by combining all of the major elements of fitness—strength, speed, balance, endurance, and flexibility—into a single technique-based training system. While geared for fun, The Serpent was not designed to be easy, and as such there are only a handful of athletes who can perfectly and successfully execute one complete pass on The Serpent without making any mistakes. So why all it “The Serpent” anyways? Because The Serpent is a tricky opponent; it’ll test you to your core while making you use your brain as well as your body. It’ll push you to your limits, and just when you’re beginning to think that you can’t make it, The Serpent will let you through only to trap you an instant later in the next obstacle. By constantly pushing the user to approach the course with composure and cunning, The Serpent is capable of being incredibly demanding while subsequently providing massive rewards to those who are willing to put the work in.


The Serpent Explained

Each Serpent obstacle course is built from ultra-high quality materials to stringent specifications for maximum performance and durability. Over 30 feet of high-strength truss provides the backbone to the “grid”, which is then populated with multiple, interchangeable obstacles throughout. This modular design allows users to start and end on any of the obstacles within The Serpent, resulting in customizable training programs that either cover the entire grid as a unit or that highlight individual components. Here at Serpent, we have numerous standard setups for the obstacle course, though we’re also available to help custom build The Serpent to suit your specific needs.

Obstacles Details

The Serpent can be fully customized in any configuration, as the obstacles contained within have been predetermined to be the most challenging and effective forms of obstacle course-based training. The following elements are available for use within The Serpent:

Big Ball:

The mother of them all, the big ball is one of The Serpent’s most notorious obstacles. You just have to try this one for yourself.

Rock Climb:

 A classic full-body workout that rewards tenacity and grit.


Finger-strength and grace meets raw power in this surprisingly-tricky obstacle.


A tried-and-true favorite. Technique on the rope is key to successfully navigating it without burning your arms out.

Slack Line:

Sharpening your balance on this amazing training element provides massive gains, while the lower-body workout is shockingly effective.

Fish Ladder:

A make-or-break obstacle, athletes who are strong on the fish ladder typically thrive on The Serpent.

Peg Board:

Hand-eye coordination, shoulder strength, and arm endurance come into play on this fan-favorite obstacle.


One of the best gauges for flexibility and joint strength, the rings are the obstacle that most Serpent users love to hate.

Parallel Bars:

There’s no easy way to tackle the parallel bars; this element will test even the most determined athlete’s resolve.

Rope Ladder:

A surefire way to force every muscle to work in harmony, the rope ladder is a total body workout in every sense of the phrase.

Pricing Details

Cost of The Serpent is based upon the individual size requirements and needs of each client. With that, we find it most efficient to provide custom quotes on an individual basis. Drop us a line today and we can give you a final price based upon your specific needs.


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